Understanding VIJOICE

VIJOICE® (alpelisib) tablets

What is VIJOICE?

VIJOICE® (alpelisib) tablets is a once-daily, oral medication that is:

  • The first and only therapy approved to treat PIK3CA-Related Overgrowth Spectrum, or PROS, in children and adults
  • A targeted therapy. VIJOICE targets the effects of proteins made by an abnormal (or mutated) PIK3CA gene. A mutation to the PIK3CA gene is the underlying cause of PROS. Targeted therapies can also affect healthy cells

You may have been prescribed VIJOICE because:


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You were diagnosed with a severe PROS condition

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VIJOICE targets the underlying cause of PROS

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Your doctor believes you may benefit from this treatment


Is VIJOICE right for me?

You are eligible for VIJOICE if you are 2 years of age or older and have been diagnosed with a severe PROS condition. If you are considering trying new treatment options, ask your doctor about VIJOICE.



What makes VIJOICE different from other therapies?

Other available therapies are only used to manage the symptoms and complications associated with PROS conditions. As the first therapy to treat the cause of PROS conditions, VIJOICE offers a different approach to treatment in this rare disease space.